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Le bed weather.

The rainy season is fast approaching and Mr. Rain has been very visible these past few days. Rain, of course, is very welcome especially the heat is painfully unbearable!! 

Honestly, this kind of weather is the perfect bed weather! You know, where you can just stay in your bed and just be lazyyyyyy all daaaaayyyyy. 

Rain is good. And here are  some of the things that I usually do on a perfect bed weather which can also be a good bed weather activity for you:

1. Read read and read…

Appropriate time to read on your favorite books or just you know.. read. Your book’s pages can be a very good companion during this kind of weather.

2. Watch your favorite romantic film

This type of weather should be devoted to your favorite romantic films where you can stay inside your room and just cry over and over again. Movie marathon! Or better yet.. do a marathon on your favorite series.

3. Eat

You have every right to spend this time eating your comfort foods!

4. Blog!!!!!

Let the world hear your heart out! This is definitely one of the most fulfilling things in the entire universe!

5. Catch up on sleep

Ahhh, this my friend is the best thing you can do during rainy days. Have some quality time with your bed…. and sleep all day.

Bed weather is a perfect time for you to take a break on your normal day and have some good rest!

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Saturday blues.

Home alone.

Yup, I have been alone for 4 days now and probably another week. Mom and brother are out huhuhuhu. It feels so lonely waking up alone, sleeping alone and eating alone. And I have been eating non-decent foods for almost a week! Burger King and McDonald’s forever and I’m really really sick of it! Whyyyyyy.

But the fact that my schedule is packed for the coming week makes me feel a little lighter. Workshop will start this Monday and I have to drive myself to The Fort! I feel so lonely and alone. Hahahaha!

On a positive note, I’m kinda getting used to my everyday life right now. You know, being alone and all. Hmm, it was surprisingly.. fun. Thinking that you can do things on your own. You can turn your music a little louder than the usual since no one’s gonna complain if you do. Our WiFi connection is a little faster being there’s only me who’s using the Internet. Mwahaha! 

There’s also this strange feeling of being responsible and independent. It feels like I have the obligation to take care of the house and…. the dishes. Btw, I cleaned our living room today! I also sort of cleaned the kitchen too! Be proud of me guys! Hahaha! 

But why do I feel like I’m working already? Haha! Weird but I really feel like I am living on my own, having my own job and paying my own bills. Hahaha! Weird I am weird. I went to the grocery today. I bought foods, of course. Figured I should cook and stop indulging on fast food.

Plus, I worked for my dad today. Helped him do the payroll. So yes, I just received my salary. Hihihi. Well, that was the condition, I’ll do the payroll but then he has to pay the  right amount. Meaning, regular payment. Hahaha! Wouldn’t call this as my first paycheck  though since the job isn’t that hard and no sweat at all! Not that hard-earned kind of salary so no. Hahaha!

My only dilemma right now is boredom. Omg I just feel so bored and I need a redemption. Someone please save me and accompany me to a movie or something.

Thank god, Jana visited me today! Had a nice time catching up! 

Ha. This has been my life for almost a week now. Sad yes. This just proves that “No man is an island.” Hope this two weeks of being alone will do good to me!

Have an awesome weekend guys! La love yah! :) 

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