B is for beautiful

I have so much respect to pageants and to pageant organizers. But come to think of it, pageants set beauty standards. Thus, making women beautiful and for some… vice versa.

They say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Reality check… beauty is parallel to expensive clothes and makeups, stunning shoes, glamorous parties, a job that pays more than the bills, a hot boyfriend, perfect stature and nowadays….. a million followers on Twitter. Really, beauty at this moment, in this cruel world, is being defined as something paid by money or something influenced by power and fame.

Pageants are highly anticipated by many. I have nothing against it. In fact, it’s good to see different nations acting as one. It’s also a chance for us to appreciate the beauty God has bestowed. But most of the time, pageants tend to set standards. Standards as to what is beautiful. 

Titles are being given to the pageant winners and sometimes, these titles will determine who you are and what you are.

Unfortunately, if you are weak, then you will be carried away by all these dictates of the society. But beauty should not be imposed. It should come from within. It should be initiated by you. You hold your potential to be beautiful. Being beautiful is a choice that we all should make. 

For me, being beautiful should not come from other people. You should not feel beautiful JUST BECAUSE someone told you that you are beautiful. Beauty is felt. Not seen. Certain instances shall not set the standards of what is beautiful.

If you feel good inside, then beauty will come out naturally. Aesthetic factors don’t determine the meaning of beautiful. At the end of the day, the heart and the mind are the real dictators of what is beautiful. 

Perfection is different from beauty. Perfection happens when everything in your life is good. Like nothing’s wrong or nothing’s a mistake. But that’s not life. Life is bound to bumps. Life is both good and bad. Therefore, if you feel that you are perfect then you will miss how it feels to be beautiful. People who can appreciate life and its ups and downs, feel beautiful afterwards. It’s not necessary to feel perfect, but it is a must that you should feel the beauty life has to offer. 

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