Reel time: The Avengers

Earth’s mightiest heroes have definitely landed in the Philippines! And they will surely rock your world! 

Yesterday, we watched the most talked about action movie of the year, The Avengers! The movie was glorious. It was glorious that I can’t afford to miss anything. (I had to pee but hell I can’t bring myself and miss the ending!)

I’m not actually familiar with the marvel heroes. Safe to say, I am a self-confessed Marvel illiterate so excuse my ignorance when it comes to the characters and all. 

The film was all in all, spectacular. The cinematography and the production design was astounding. And not to mention the stellar cast that made the movie even more exciting! 

Huhu I cannot take Chris Evans’ sexiness. I love him even before, when he was still Fantastic Four’s Human Torch and now seeing him as Captain America was even better!!! What is airrrrrrrrr

We watched it in 3D so it made the film ++++ more dumbfounding! The effects and all the action scenes were definitely to watch out for if you haven’t seen the movie.

Sorry I can’t dwell on the scenes too much and all I can think about right now is 1. Chris Evans 2. The set design 3. Chris Evans (Hahahaha!)

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